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Pastor M.K. Oliver- Senior Pastor

 Pastor M. K. Oliver is the founder and senior pastor of the “VICTORY WORD  CHURCH” a native of Detroit, Michigan and a product of the Detroit Public Schools  System. He is dedicated to creating and providing programs, and resources and  services to help the less fortunate. He is resolutely committed to unconditional out-  reach, and leads the economically diverse congregation of the “VICTORY WORD  CHURCH” with integrity and excellence. 

 In 2012, Pastor M. K.  Oliver founded the “VICTORY WORD CHURCH” on love,  God’s Word and a passion for humanity.


 Pastor Oliver has over 19 years- experience in the substance abuse and mental health  field, and was a Certified Addiction and Drug Counselor (C.A.D.C.-M) and Therapist  through the Michigan Certification Board For Addiction Professionals (M.C.B.A.P.)  with a concentration in Domestic Violence and Anger Management and was the  Program Manager for The Black Caucus Foundation of Michigan. Pastor Oliver was  also Chief of Staff for State Representative, The Honorable Dr. Alma G. Stallworth  during her last term in state office. 

 He currently serves as Chaplin with the Detroit Police Department and is a CLS  supervisor for Companion Plus Care, a Behavioral Health Management Company  headquartered in Southfield MI. 


 He holds an Honorary Doctorate degree from the Israel Seminary School of Theology,  and has furthered his doctoral aspirations by continuing his education, attending The  Full Gospel Christian Church Bible College and Theological Seminary, located in Flint  MI. where he has received his Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate Degrees in Theology,  and is one semester away from his degree in pastoral studies. 

 He has been a servant in ministry since his youth, serving as a junior deacon, deacon,  usher, church secretary, choir director, national minister of music of The Spiritual I  Israel Church and Its Army, assistant pastor, and co- pastor. 

 Pastor Mike is blessed to be married to his ride or die, the one that gives his life  meaning and his ministry balance, the one that helps him meet GOD’s mandate in this  season of uncertainty in the world, the one that can make him smile when he feels like  crying and giving up, Co-Pastor Tina Ann Oliver affectionately known to him as  “SWEET T”. They are a blended family with four children, their pride and joy,  Jeanelle, Malcolm, Michael II, and Marc-Jalen, and have been blessed with 5 grand-  children. They are proud residents of Detroit’s East English Village.  TO GOD BE  THE GLORY!!!!!

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