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Why Support “THE  VICTORY WORD” Church?



As a part of our vision for Outreach and reaching the lost, we need your support by way of tithes, offerings and seed gifts to the church. We invite you to help us carry out our vision of reaching others for Christ.



By partnering with Pastor Oliver and “THE VICTORY WORD” Church, you are helping to minister the Word of God to people in Detroit and the surrounding communities.



In partnering, you will be planting a seed that will be used to multiply the many programs, ministries and projects that spread the love of Christ to the lost and those in need. You play a major role by giving, because you make it possible for the message of Christ to be spread, via your contributions to our ministry.



As a member, we encourage you to be a systematic giver. If you are a visitor or friend of VICTORY WORD, we hope you will consider giving a monetary gift to support our ministry. 

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